1、命运如娼妓,贫贱遭遗弃。Fate like a whore, rank, abandoned。

2、善良的心地,就是黄金。The kind heart, is gold。

3、心灵的伟大表现得并不明显。The greatness of soul is not an obvious。

4、女人不具备笑傲情场的条件。Women do not have graced the love condition。

5、不要给百合花镀金,画蛇添足。Don't give lily gold-plated, gild the lily。

6、书籍若不常翻阅,则等于木片。If don't often read books, is equal to the wood。

7、宁为聪明的愚夫,不作愚蠢的才子。Better a witty fool than a foolish wit。

8、丑恶的海怪也比不上忘恩的儿女那样可怕。Ugly bad sea monster also benefited as children。

9、在命运的颠沛中,最可以看出人们的气节。In fate had, the most can see people of integrity。

10、质朴却比巧妙的言辞更能打动我的心。Simple is better than a clever words touched my heart。

11、放弃时间的人,时间也会放弃他。Abandoning time person, time also will give up him。

12、美满的爱情,使斗士紧绷的心情松弛下来。A good love, make fighter tight mood relax。

13、生存还是毁灭,那是个值得思考的问题。To be or not to be, that is a problem worth thinking about。

14、起先的冷淡,将会使以后的恋爱更加热烈。At first the cold, will make the future more warmly love。

15、勤劳一天,可得一日安眠;勤奋一生,可永远长眠。Hard-working day, can sleep a day; Hard life, but forever。

16、更不是死硬的强迫,爱情是建立在共同上的基础上的。More is not hardcore forced, love is built on a common basis。

17、没有什么事是好的或坏的,但思想却使其中有所不同。Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it different。

18、简洁是智慧的灵魂,冗长是肤浅的藻饰。Brevity is the soul of wit, long is the superficial embellishments in writing。

19、恋人的眼泪是它激起的波涛,它有是最智慧的疯狂。Lover's tear is mighty waves which it arouses。 It is the wisdom of madness。

20、如果女性因为感情而嫉妒起来那是很可怕的。If the female envies that because of affection is very terrible。

21、在命运的颠沛中,很容易看出一个人的气节。In fate in the turbulent, it's easy to see that a person's moral integrity。

22、爱比杀人重罪更难隐藏;爱情的黑夜有中午的阳光。Love hidden harder than felony murder; Love night with the noon sun。

23、世间的很多事物,追求时候的兴致总要比享用时候的兴致浓烈。A lot of things in the world, the pursuit of fun than every time when the strong interest。

24、真正的爱情是不能用言语表达的,行为才是忠心的最好说明。True love cannot be expressed in words, loyalty behaviour is the best explanation。

25、爱情里面要是搀杂了和它本身无关的算计,那就不是真的爱情。If love inside calculation combined with nothing to do with it, that is not true love。

26、你还能说‘苦啊,最苦没有了’你的苦,还不曾苦到底呢。You can also say 'bitter ah, the most bitter no' you bitter, bitter really haven't。

27、对众人一视同仁,对少数人推心置腹,对任何人不要亏负。Bared his heart to all alike, to a few, to anyone not wrong one another。

28、多听,少说,接受每一个人的责难,但是保留你的最后裁决。Hear much, speak little, accept every one's censure, but keep your final decision。

29、新的火焰可以把旧的火焰扑灭,大的苦痛可以使小的苦痛减轻。The new flame can put old flame, the big pain may cause the small pain to reduce。

30、母羊要是听不见她自己小羊的啼声,她决不会回答一头小牛的叫喊。If ewes hear her own young crow, she will never answer scream of a calf。

31、青春是一个短暂的美梦,当你醒来时,它早已消失无踪。Youth is a brief dream, when you wake up, it had disappeared。

32、人的一生是短的,但如果卑劣地过这短的一生,就太长了。Person's life is short, but if despicable to this short life, would be too long。

33、人生如痴人说梦,充满着喧哗与躁动,却没有任何意义。Life is like in the sky, full of sound and the restless, but it doesn't make any sense。

34、爱情就像是生长在悬崖上的一朵花,想要摘就必需要有勇气。Love is like a growth in the cliff of a flower, want to pick it must have the courage。

35、生活里没有书籍,就好像没有阳光;智慧里没有书籍,就好像鸟儿没有翅膀。Life without books, like no sunlight; Wisdom without books, like a bird without wings。

36、不要只因一次失败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的豁达者长寿。Do not, for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect a light heart lives long。

37、当我们还买不起幸福的时候,我们绝不应该走得离橱窗太近,盯着幸福出神。When we can't afford love, we should never go too close to the window, staring at a happy trance。

38、因为她生的美丽,所以被男人追求;因为她是女人,所以被男人俘获。Because she gave birth to a beautiful, so men to pursuit; Because she is a woman, so was captured by the man。

39、人们可支配自己的命运,若我们受制于人,那错不在命运,而在我们自己。The people may control own destiny, if we are disciplined by others, that wrong not in destiny, but in ourselves。

40、一个使性子的女人,就象翻腾的浊水,纵使口乾舌燥,也不愿啜饮一口句子大全http://Www.1juzI.coM/。A woman who mounted, like the troubled water, even if dry tongue dry mouth, also don't want to drink a bite。

41、有一类卑微的工作是用坚苦卓绝的精神忍受着的,最低陋的事情往往指向最崇高的目标。Have a kind of work is to use drove a humble, suffering the spirit of the lowest ugly things often point to the most noble goal。

42、爱,和炭相同,烧起来,得想办法叫它冷却。让它任意着,那就要把一颗心烧焦。Love, is the same with the coal, burn, have to think of some way to call it to cool。 Let it wilfully, that will put a heart burnt。

43、要和一个男人相处的快乐,你应该多多了解他而不必太爱他,哽喉的苦味,沁舌的蜜糖。Happy to get along with a man, you should understand him and need not too love him a lot, choking bitterness, ooze tongue of honey。

44、愚人的蠢事算不得稀奇,聪明人的蠢事才叫人笑痛肚皮;因为他用全副的本领,证明他自己愚笨。The folly of fools is rare, a wise man's foolish matter people laugh pain belly; Because he used heavily ability, proved he is stupid。

45、我承认天底下再没有比爱情的惩罚更痛苦的,一个骄傲的人,结果总是在骄傲里毁灭了自己。I admit that there is no punishment is more painful than love, a proud, and the result is always in the proud destroyed himself。

46、成功的骗子,不必再以说谎为生,因为被骗的人已经成为他的拥护者,我再说什么也是枉然。Successful cheat, don't have to lie for a living, because the person is deceived already becomes his supporter, I say what is in vain。

47、魔鬼为了陷害我们起见,往往故意向我们说真话,在小事情上取得我们的信任,然后我们在重要的关头便会堕入他的圈套。Framed us devil, often deliberately speak the truth to us, our trust in small things, then we in the important juncture will fall into his trap。

48、在灰暗的日子中,不要让冷酷的命运窃喜;命运既然来凌-辱我们,就应该用处之泰然的态度予以报复。In gray day, don't let the fate of the ruthless secretly pleased; Now that fate in ling - our shame, you should use the philosophy of the attitude to retaliate。

49、我们的身体就像一座园圃,意志是这园圃里的园董…让它荒废不治也好,把它辛勤耕植也好,那权力都在于我们的意志。Our body is like a garden, will is the garden in the garden, dong…… Don't let it waste treatment, hard planting it, the power lies in our will。

50、爱情是叹息吹起的一阵烟;恋人眼中有它净化了的火星;因为她生的美丽,所以被男人追求;因为她是女人,所以被男人俘获。Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs。 Eyes have it purified the lovers of Mars; Because she gave birth to a beautiful, so men to pursuit; Because she is a woman, so was captured by the man。

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