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Give you a picture, give you a quiet landscape, this landscape belongs to all seasons, not withered or yellow, will never fade.


Night is deep, people are not quiet, counting the stars, think of you, summer night is long, bless cool, short messages small, deep friendship, good night, wish you a good dream to the dawn!


Spring banquet, a cup of green wine singing again, and then worship the three wishes: one wishes Lang Jun thousand years old, two wishes concubine health, three wishes as Liang Shangyan, year-old often meet!


Today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night.


Never change your face, but you can change your smile; Never change others, but you can control yourself; Never change the length of your life, but you can change the width of your life.


I remember someone said that there are two great joys in life, one is to have a good taste, the other is to pursue the fullness of the feeling.


The God of Wealth is happy with you on this day, luck around you, trouble away from you, love nourishes you, the God of Wealth tied you, happiness with you! I am here to bless you.


One should be honest with oneself. Love has no traffic lights. It doesn't tell you when to go and when to stop. One can only walk bravely on one's intuition.


I wish you good health, your teeth are all gone, the wind is all the way, you're half gone, you're all the way well, you're all the way down, you're always happy, you're always sick, you're always smiling, you deserve it!


The road of life is long, you and I meet and separate. Gathering is always short, but it is long and long. I wish each other's hearts could be closely followed and never separated.


I wish all the beautiful flowers in the world to be blooming in the warm season and embellished in your joyful moments.


Good Tuesday! Summer is here. I wish you a pleasant and comfortable summer breeze and a prosperous summer career.


Silently break up, just as initially met silently. May this warm breeze bring you my deep wishes and prayers.


Faint fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus. The affection is high. Blessing, happy fragrance. The moon is bright and good luck blossoming. Happy, good luck!


The summer is hot, the blessing is not reduced; drinking a cup of tea, moistening the heart, exercising and exercising. I wish you happiness and happiness.


Smile warmly tonight, sleep comfortably, wake up tomorrow, laugh and laugh, life is sentimental all day, receive text messages laugh, all troubles are forgotten! Good night!


Open your eyes and give you a gentle blessing. May it bring you health, good luck and happiness every minute and every second. I hope you have a good day!


Second hand every walk, is my blessing, old friend, you owe me a lot of blessings!


May your life be full of joy, sunshine, love, career, glory and glory every day, and everything goes well!


The weather is changeable recently. Please pay attention to your health. May the warm sunshine in early summer accompany you through a relaxed and happy weekend.


The weather becomes very fast, the temperature becomes really bad, go out to take a coat, sleep quilt to cover, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep a good attitude, this is your love!


The sea of life has been spreading the Golden Road, and the waves are being lined with flowers on the sides. Go on bravely, friend! Forward.


I will tell you the secret of longevity, and do not want your money: spirit and heart. Food and drink, cold and warm. When you are in the center of your mind, your work is uniform.


It's the weekend again. After a busy week, you can have a little rest. May the warm sunshine in this afternoon accompany you through a relaxed and happy weekend!


Congratulations on your promotion. Now you won't be jealous anymore.


Springs, like a string, day and night playing the hometown of folk songs, with my greetings, fly out of the valley, into the sea, looking for your trace.


Send a fragrant care and blessing, wish you all the day incomparably brilliant, year by year happy and contented.


The breeze dancing willow, waving to you, with my simple greetings good morning, lotus sunshine, gorgeous, I send you my sincere wishes happy to accompany you every minute.


Acquaintance is based on Yu Yuan. Mediocre is full of warmth, simple and romantic, happy every day, happy forever!


A little more happiness, less trouble! Sleep when you are tired, and smile when you wake up. What is the flavor of life? Let's play the seasoning and get my message and laugh happily!


No matter where I am, please believe that in this fast changing world, there is a constant heart thinking of you all the time! Remember you!


Warm wishes, burning in my heart; hope's smile, with infinite affection.


A hurried farewell, who knows difficult to see, eagerly look forward to, a long time of thinking, into the heartfelt wishes. I wish my friends good health in the new year.


Long time no see. Is everything all right? I think you should be as beautiful as ever and happy as ever. Please don't forget: my concern is as old as ever!


Pockets are called warmth, collar is called care, sleeves are called considerate, buttons are called yearning. Let this coat closely accompany friends to spend every minute and second, must be happy!


Blessing is an umbrella, it can accompany you through rainy days. A message, a blessing, let you happy every day! I wish you a happy weekend!


When the weather is fine, the heart will clear up. A good mood makes a good life. May my pale wings sweep across the clear sky and sow the seeds of friendship in the ends of the earth.


February, is the spring season, February, is the home of flowers, they laugh, open their mouths, suck in the breath of spring, each smiling.


A good friend is heard in the light. If you see friends, you never forget your friends.


Goodbye today, how many reluctance and nostalgia, in the moment you embark on the journey, only deep wishes in your heart, I hope you have a good journey, life is always safe.


White waves offer you flowers, sunshine embrace you, seagulls say goodbye to you, ah, the sea of life sets sail on your young ship.


Struggle is the pulp, draw out the enthusiasm of life, draw the line of life happiness, draw the flash of life moment, struggle! Tomorrow will be wonderful.


Take exercise as the basis, learn to be healthy, learn to learn and learn. Take morality as the foundation, learn to be a man, adapt to the foundation and learn to live.


Boundless life, friends are hard to find, good friends are happy together, bless you!


The beach on the sea of life in front of you is a golden manuscript. May you write the poem of youth with the ideal glow in this endless paper.


Collect the golden flowers in the garden of my heart, and I give you the brightest one as my greetings.


Small cold, chill, chaotic snowflakes full of embrace; old and young happy, smiling, auspicious atmosphere around the house; send greetings, friendship, may your career come early in the spring!


It's Sunday again. After a busy week, you can have a rest. May the warm sunshine in early summer accompany you through a relaxed and happy Sunday!


Upper League: love into space and time, love into the network, swim in the dynamic zone. Xia Lian: want to be in the swallow, thinking in Bashu, natural and tranquil quiet moonlit night. Horizontal batch: high mountains and flowing water!


Please do not measure with a ruler, do not measure with a battle, my sincere friendship, please use your heart to feel, wherever you go in the future, please take my blessing!

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