A person is not lonely, miss you when I feel lonely。 This Christmas I most lonely。


Who know that Christmas is the festival? I don't know, is you of festival, Christmas! A fool。


Christmas Eve bless you, and there would be laughter and joy of Christmas atmosphere around you forever!


May the Christmas candle, open a touch your heart with gladness and make your New Year a more beautiful future。


Until life stop, every heartbeat miss you again。 Heart no longer beating! Love you merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve night, baby I'm going to the front of you now with Santa Claus, his eyes closed count to three。


Christmas flower in hand, a Santa hat on head, hides, Christmas gift package goddess of Christmas when you come to?


Santa Claus, you have now received my blessing, please immediately ran to the chimney mouth to send gift is waiting, thank you。


Your gift is too heavy, deer car, had to personally deliver, remember to wait for me, waiting for me to say merry Christmas!


With the advent of Christmas, the parents say: peace forever。 Let this auspicious melody, I wish you a lifetime!


The blessings of Christmas: miss, said also said not over; Caring heart, never change; Sincere friendship, will never forget!


You will receive all the blessings of the Christmas Eve, all the music you will hear on Christmas Eve, the blessing of heart because of me!


Deeply bless, filar silk, so miss, into a gift, stay in your heart, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Merry Christmas! Not only in the special day will think of you, but Christmas time will let you received my blessing!


When the bell rang, I was you! Don't speak wrong, not wedding bells, the ding of the Christmas, but I am a man of you to present。


I believe, the blessing is that we need; Can bless of, is all lovely; In love Christmas, I deeply bless you!


The white snow fluttering, lu ling knock, sweet Christmas Eve came again。 Little hand, dance son long, happy Christmas day more beautiful!


When the bell rang, I was you。 Don't want to wrong, not wedding bells, the ding of the Christmas, but I am a man of you owe to gift!


Department Yu Cheng met in edge, the bosom friend, a true friend no matter where, always always pay off and love, peace to friends Christmas。


My heart today night's snow, in this cold Christmas slowly falling, how hope and you spent together this beautiful romantic Christmas Eve!


Gently greetings and sincere blessings, may happiness always around you, wish you have a full of joy, the harvest hope, be permeated with in the New Year。


At Christmas and always, may your mood and peaceful, loving, your world is full of happiness, wish you all the contentment, happy and clinking。


Dear, this is our Christmas, I can be a Christmas gift for: gently embrace me, accompany me to spend only belonging to both of us on Christmas Eve。


In the Christmas approaching, I wish you smile like a flower is bright, sad let you rely on my broad shoulders, my loyalty blessing you!


In every holiday, you are always the first person to bless me, wish lucky and happy with this message came to your side。 Wish you a merry Christmas!


All the blessings into chocolate, getting everything festival into a cream。 Always happy to make a cake, and then say to you: laugh happily in the New Year。


On Christmas Eve to pray; Christmas wishes; New Year's blessing; To all over the sky stars, bring you my sincere greetings: friends, happy! Happy!


With the arrival of Christmas Eve, again remind of old friend afar, ask: how are you? Say: merry Christmas! May our friendship! Wish you a happy New Year!


A: hi! Why are you still in it! Do you know the importance of you? Didn't you, who pulled Santa to give you a gift! Ha ha, merry Christmas!


Quickly give me your socks off, I want to be a Christmas husband, pour my whole heart blessing to you, lovely, don't be too touched, merry Christmas。


Time to missing shadow, dragged into a long and tortuous color piece, but a warm Christmas greeting, but always firmly set on our mood with each other。


Don't need how expensive gift, also do not need what solemn oath, I only need you a sweet smile, as my most valuable Christmas gift this year!


I found the Aladdin absolute being light, it says will meet one of my will。 I finally gave up the idea of China's richest man, just wish you a merry Christmas!


Have you to let me always remember today。 Before Christmas is always believe that Santa Claus will not be the best gifts come to me, this year's Christmas is different。


I is the messenger of Santa Claus, made a special trip to a wish, wish you a merry Christmas, prosperity, peace health, happiness, wealth, everything!


Santa Claus said that the so-called happiness is a healthy body, have deep love you of person, a bunch of reliable friend, when you received this information, all have subsequently。


The morning on a warm afternoon in the wind, in the gorgeous sunset, on the night of a meteor, I pray that the world all the good belongs to you, I wish you a merry Christmas!


Perhaps the most intimate, gentle greetings may light feeling is the most attractive, the night of the Christmas I hope to be able to be spent together with you, say to you: "merry Christmas。"


Recently popular a code-named "merry Christmas" on the mobile phone virus, if you get the short message contains such characters, please throw away phone immediately, in order to avoid infection。


Bird flu did not frighten you, roup failed to kill you more the spirit of hard for family, see you again has decisively into the delivery room, I silently blessing you: happy eggs!


Keats was born in love, good in Thanksgiving; Fu was born in meet, lu was born in the industry and thrift; Life was born healthy, xi, born in happy! Happiness is the life of the, I wish you a merry Christmas!

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