Happy birthday, dear. You are the loveliest person in the world.


Good colleagues, friends, the good life happiness, big happy birthday!


Hope your body strong, grow up quickly, more long more lovely.


Baby wish you every day as picturesque beauty! Happy birthday!


Person's life, three day doomed, seven points by struggle. Happy birthday to myself!


Who dares to declares war on the dark, the in the mind must be full of light. Happy birthday to myself!


Birthday, also what to say, we glance! You know! Remember to be happy!


May you like a seed, sediment, brave enough to break through the pale green buds are out of the ground, pointing to the sky.


Wish I was the first one said "happy birthday" to you friend, happy to this year successfully!


Myriad, wishing you a numerous, in your birthday approaching, I wish you a happy birthday, happy!


Ying ying days like today, mine water as the day of the year. Love in my heart, love is longer than the dream. Wish you a happy birthday!


Because we are homologous strain connected twins grass, doomed to spend this life, don't abandon! Dear, happy birthday!


Often miss you, in my heart; Silently bless you, in my heart. I wish you a happy New Year, happy sweet.


No colorful flowers, not romantic poetry, no gifts, no exciting surprise, only gently wishes, wife, happy birthday to you!


Look at life bravely; Regretless care about true love, and I can give you a few minutes again, I wish a happy father forever!


Today you have entered the old, for old man like you, the first wealth is health, I would like to wish you longevity and health!


The season's wind blows the time's wind ring, play wishes for your birthday song, I wish you in the flower always full of vitality.


In my calendar, you still beautiful, but this special takes a year to make your appearance seems to glow. I wish a happy birthday!


The longer the green tree zhao luxuriantly green, the flower of life more long more beautiful. In your birthday this day, please accept my deep blessing for you.


The coming of the night waiting for you birthday, when the bell of the moment I will share with you that belongs to you one day, my heart is with you.


When dedication becomes a need love, is that it doesn't matter, in your birthday, accept my distant and deeply wishes!


At this moment, have my deepest thoughts. Let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream, wish you have a warm and romantic birthday!


Time will never change my love for you deep, the passing of time will only make it more and more deep, I wish you a happy birthday, my love!


In this belong to you the most splendid days, I sincerely to one of the most ancient but is the most fresh baked blessing: happy birthday.


Because of your coming, the day became a beautiful day, from now on the world, then many a wipe attractive color. Friends, I wish you a happy birthday.


Please accept my gift, it brings warm affection and loving thought of you, wish you a happy birthday, and again a year! Happy forever!


The birthday girl guy, I wish you can get all hope, all dreams come true, all waiting can appear, all paying can cash.


The kindest friend there could ever be the that is like the kind of friend you are to me. I wish a happy birthday, my friend, good luck healthy and happy New Year!


I have no romantic poetry, no gifts, no exciting surprise, only a bunch of flowers and gently blessing, wish you: "happy birthday!"


The kindest friend there could ever be the that is like the kind of friend you are to me. I wish a happy birthday, my friend, good luck, good health, happy New Year!


Water is the home of the cloud, the cloud is water stray. Always remember to water hometown's birthday, the cloud liquid daily always call the cloud of attachment. I wish a happy birthday!


The rush of time, time goes by. Never leg colour is a blessing; It will never change is friendship. I deeply wish you: happy birthday happy! Until forever.


Small gift, representing my friendship, wish you like it. Again send you my deep blessing to you belong to your birthday, belong to you all day.


Time flies, today is your birthday, may all the beautiful things you have today, better birthday next year, a year more than a year. Happy birthday!


Twinkling candlelight shine on your cheeks, although small, but it can be extended to the far, blow out the candles, make a wish, let all over the sky star all bless for you.


Since birthday, wish you have a good mood every day, every night to do a sweet dream, you always been concerned about, all the people concerned! To make a fortune!


To the birthday, the god of wealth, luck with my short message to! In the New Year more treasure, the icing on the cake of life next year. Sincerely wish you: a great birthday!


Special love, give special you, let my blessing wrapped around you like sunshine, sincerely wish health and happiness accompany you forever, happy birthday!


I met you for a long time! Unforgettable is you my pure friendship! Valuable is forever invariable truth! Is glad to meet you! My favorite red roses, bless your birthday.


Wish you fragrant grass in the abyss of the mind green forever, male colleagues birthday message, youth permanent, laugh often. I wish you a happy birthday, birthday song lyrics, health and happiness, February 2nd birthday password!

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