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Coffee is life, bitter and sweet are included.


That afternoon, the cup of coffee, let me understand: we who are not who, you are waiting for the coffee to add sugar, I am looking forward to someone who will share the bitter coffee alone.


Coffee is not in the mood, the mood is just a coffee person.


Some people say that coffee and tea such as product life, such as life. Because of this, he love the original taste of coffee, always love without any saccharin coffee.


A cup of coffee is cold, there is always another cup of boiling on the stove we witness forever in the cafe.


Without you years, add the sugar coffee, is bitter. My company is still those sad words, panic looking past, desperately looking for, was removed, this has been in the world where you dwell, and tireless.


The smell of coffee in the air in the room, so I miss the lost love.


Drink coffee, should be timely and contacts to talk to the object. At this time, be sure to also voice, not loud, not a joke, and hands and feet, play the chase chase. Otherwise, it can only damage the scene atmosphere of coffee.


He stared into the glass wall of the coffee house. The corner easily appears extremely lonely. The pale yellow light to create a warm atmosphere, let her lonely figure looks more gentle.


You will not suddenly appear in the corner coffee shop, I will bring a smile, and you say, do not talk about the past, just say, you say, just say, haven't met in a long time.


Over coffee, in order not to hurt the stomach, often by some quasi cakes, nuts, fruits, small food at the same time. When you need to use dessert, you must first drop the coffee cup. While drinking coffee, don't have dessert at the same time.


A lot of people do not like the coffee bursts of bitter taste, especially carbon burn, that one is far more than the traditional Chinese medicine also suffered dozens of times the taste, a lot of people are not acceptable.


The rain will become coffee, seeds will quote rose, is a travel date, leaving is to experience the taste of loneliness, not Renpei, blame coffee drink drunk, go on the road one tired, rain touched broken, only the most precious friend.


Coffee cup is the right way to extend the right hand, with the thumb and index finger to hold the cup ear, and then gently gently to the end of the cup. A cup or can not hands cupped the bottom of the cup, can not drink the cup is over. On the plate there coffee with a paper towel.


In fact, just like drinking coffee, some people just love beer, some people only love wine, but some people drink what wine.


I don't like to drink coffee, but I like the taste of the coffee house. Our not to meet, perhaps is a kind of fate, thank God, we learn to cherish!


As far as I'm concerned, I don't like sweet coffee. I think it's too sweet or coffee with sugar.


People focus on their own heart is a kind of wonderful beauty, this kind of beauty is like the taste of coffee, make people intoxicated.


Don't ask questions when they are drinking coffee. You drink coffee to talk before, it is best to use paper towels to wipe your mouth, so let the coffee dirty mouth.


If anyone dare to say you are bitter, I threw him into the abyss of hell, he was in torment, until he remembered you, remember your sweet.


Sit alone in a corner of the cafe, the lights dim incidence, no coffee and snacks, only a cup of water.


Love in a moonlight night all night, wearing a headset, just holding a cup of coffee, a person alone, enjoying this beautiful song.


Saturday afternoon, we sat in the cafe chat, I like the taste of the coffee house, like it in the details of the processing of the aesthetic feeling, there is a combination of elegance and romance.


A drop of fragrant entrance, is the attitudes of the world. The light is not silence no honey aftertaste gan. The taste is infinite.


Coffee bitter and sweet does not lie in how to mix, but lies in whether the sugar; a pain is not how to forget, but lies in whether has the courage to start again.


The world of coffee is small, but it is very delicate and profound.


Tasting coffee, not only is a taste of the enjoyment, it is a physical and psychological baptism, through the taste of coffee, I not only gain a friendship, but also the harvest of life!


Put a cup of coffee on the desk, I will savor the taste of bitter, in fact, it is not enough for themselves but have bitter flavor.


At dawn, another tomorrow, drink coffee, looked at the residue, the cup laughed, understand, edge to edge, as do the circadian cycle, but also need to continue to stray, day.


Coffee bitter and sweet, does not lie in how to mix, but lies in whether the sugar; a pain, not in how to forget, but lies in the courage to start again.


Life, like a good coffee. Love is to make life sweet sugar. The blessing is to let the life become mianxiang toffee. You are the beautiful coffee cup, carrying my sweet and happiness.


In formal occasions, the coffee is filled into the cup, and then put on the plate together with the table. The role of the plate is mainly used to place the coffee spoon, and to receive the overflow of the cup of coffee.


You don't like marijuana like give me endless fantasy, but when I'm tired for me to stop the impulse, in that one of the countless night around me, I think I have been accustomed to the taste of you.


Cafe two person, I was sitting alone, two people in the world, I am a person in the solo. Care, love, in deep nostalgia in the show, at this time, it was, I have nowhere to recover.


Late at night, turn on the computer and make a habit of making a cup of coffee. With a whiff of perfume slowly entrance, slightly a little bitter, but then gradually have a few strands of sweet unrecoginized heart.


Put a cup of coffee on the desk, I will savor the taste of bitter, in fact, it is not hard enough but for yourself.


Coffee filled with incense, how many lovers heart, how much her touching love. Even the air, with flamboyant dust in the romantic atmosphere.


Coffee becomes more mellow in a time of grinding, our feelings are stronger day by day in collision.


At the end of the heart of the Nanshan cup of coffee, too horrible to look at appearance, it goes into the coffee hot tears of pain and happiness of the past lingering death, cutting pain.

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