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It does not see itself, not from your love.


Honest and gentle temper is produced in the self love, jealousy and paranoia is produced in the selfish nature.


If not, if the past is over!


I belong to you, forever, until the day of death.


The greatest disadvantage of a person is not selfish, passionate, brutal, self willed, but a paranoid love do not love their own people.


Self love is one of the most subtle feelings, more sensitive than the world's most sensitive people.


When the love of your life, please, please don't forget to leave a little love, give yourself.


Love a person, love yourself.


Love their own to better love their parents, love their own to better love their wives, love themselves to better love the work, love their own to better pursue interest. To love oneself is to love and to love!


Man alive is a tragedy, and the root of the tragedy is that people have the idea.


Love is the beginning of a life long romance.


The lips are still with your sweet heart, has swept away the haze.


If I can, I want to escape.


This is my one love, you don't want to get rid of love.


Woman is a book, when you see the contents inside the heart will want to explore as clear as noonday. How can you do it after reading many times? In fact, the woman is a book that you can never read!


Don't be sad for me, I'll be happy.


Flowers in the valley by Fang Ze new powder dust, love fantasy.


To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.


Love is not old, it is to keep an eternal flame and eternal light, the existence of the world, takes it as nourishment.


I talked about love, the longest is narcissistic, I love myself, without a rival.


Moving day, moved, you know my feelings. Lang affectionate, concubine intention, we worship heaven and earth together. You weave the cloth, I plant the land, the future is sweet as honey!


Smart women live for others, and live for themselves, they will not have to put all the things on a man or a child, who know how to live their own value.


You stand in the sun, the sun in your body with adult wings. I squatted in situ looking at you, you can not see the expression, only to hear the flutter of wings flutter.


What is love? Love is to let the love of their own life better and silently dedication.


To love one's country is a matter of course.


The good men who have missed, don't regret, they don't belong to you, so you have to open your eyes and look for one.


Cherish the heart Mo light spit, and teach students a spring breeze.


You are lonely, because you can not love yourself.


Now that they have been accustomed to do not love themselves, then find someone to love themselves; since no one to love themselves, then learn to love yourself.


You can love a man, but don't lose all of them. No man is worth your life to please. If you don't love yourself, how can you let others love you?


In front of you, I hide my blue. Just to see you smile, listen to your unreserved laughter. Do you know? Your happiness is my smile.


Dear, go out to play tired, injured, then come back, I'm still here waiting for you.


Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and make your life colorful. Do not mistakenly think that is to let a person regret, but in order to make their life more exciting.


The flame of love is burning in the heart of a wise woman, but this love is not spread by itself. Every love has its own direction and temperature. First of all, they know how to love themselves, a woman who does not love her is more likely to love others.


Such as me, most flowers lonely, no one cheers.


Girl, you will be more beautiful because of your love.


People can make friends, love yourself, not knowing, the lover is not.


From this earthly love, not only my warm and moist, the same lofty red dust.


Listen to their songs, write your own text, smiled at own sky, do not consciously tears rolled down her cheeks habit.


The way to get the job done is to cherish every minute.


Everyone is no exception, his closest friend is himself. If you don't love yourself as a lover or wife, why do you expect your man to love you?.


There is no mature man, never an immature woman.


Never chase the man you love to love you, even though he is going to die of the heart, we should also learn to give him space, otherwise, you have to be careful too tangle strangled him.


Love yourself, is benevolent, hurt yourself, is the truth, love, is the most happy.


When a man says to you: break up. Please don't cry and cry, you should smile and say: wait for you to say this for a long time. Then turn away.


If you love someone, make sure that you are worth one hundred percent of them now or in the future. As long as he doesn't love you, that's his thing.


I want to love myself, but can not find a love of their own space.


If you can not smoke, do not smoke. If you can not drink, do not drink. And don't go to the bar. A lonely woman holding a goblet or smoking, will add a sense of loneliness and sadness.


Spring love arena, is also out of the red walls.


How beautiful the world is, depends on how much we love ourselves.


Those who do not want to withdraw their views, love themselves and even love the truth.


Often think of your own pain, just know that happiness is over. More often than not I'm feeling happy, not feeling.


Only after the life and time of life, like the water, will be able to understand the purpose of life; women only through hardships, injury, heartbreak, tears can appreciate the essence of love.


Learn to love yourself, because you don't love yourself, no one will love you more.


The snow outside the window, open your heart to you, we love you so much, the world now!


Don't waste your time on a man / woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.


Thought I would love to keep enduring as the universe, originally, just the fate of youth joke.


You've been away from me, or you've never been near.


Love is the courage of a woman to travel, love is a woman staring at the stars, love is a woman navigation compass.


He who does not love his country will not love anything.


As long as the heart of love to love others, we can put love into virtue, the virtue, in any one person's heart is can find its foundation.


Found no what things would be forever, like the sky is yellow, like not discarded bicycles, like not always wear shoes, like not always as original as pure!


True love is when you know how to cherish in love, when you can't love, you know how to give up.


No love for you when he courting and refused to say. Even if he says, it's none of your business.


Now that you have had it, don't cry, smile and hide it in your heart.


It's better to try hard to love yourself more than to wait someone to love u. if today you don't like yourself more than yesterday, so what's the meaning of tomorrow?


The sentiment is the various forms of self love.


When you are angry, don't hurt yourself by not eating. Don't use your sleep when you are sad. You should take good care of yourself.


If a person has never tasted the taste of sorrow, then he will not be able to feel the happiness.


In fact, no matter how many people you love, no matter how happy or painful you love, in the end you have not learned how to love, but learned how to love yourself.


The only woman to do is to love yourself, love your appearance, love your personality, love their freedom, and the woman is more energetic!


I know, the sunshine smile is the world's mask, hidden in the heart of love, is so rotten into tea, ferocious, so evil.


Love is the harmony and understanding of two intimate souls in life and faithfulness, kindness and beauty.


People do not love, will do anything; too is not for love.


Every day elegant dress calmly go out, to bring their own different smile. After 25 years of age, women should learn to protect their skin.


Narcissism, because no one is willing to love their own, it is their own love, I believe it will be very happy!


You are doomed, I am accidental.


As a kind of self-esteem, strive to improve the power source is all great cause.


You suddenly found the transformation between.


At any time, not a sad ungrateful men, women should know that sad, ultimately hurt their own heart. If the man is ruthless, you are not hurt his heart, so, clean up the sadness, a good life.

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